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Shirt | Jeans | Velvet Heels | Sunnies

Trumpet sleeves. Say what? Yup that’s right. It’s a real thing. The trumpet sleeve style is oh so similar to bell sleeves, which I adore. So when I saw this topΒ I couldn’t resist. This top is just the right mix of dressy and casual. I decided to play it down a bit by pairing it with some great distressed jeans.

I know you’ve seen these distressed jeans from me before but they seriously are the best! They are distressed in all of the right places!Β They are super comfortable and go with nearly everything. Dress them up or down. Heels or sneakers. Sweater or cami. You can’t go wrong. Just love em!

And how can I not talk about these heels?? They were way too good to pass up! I love wearing them now but also, have many, many plans for them over the holidays. The pop of color is so festive and such a great way to add to a look that may otherwise fall flat. You’ll be seeing lots more of these from me over the fall and winter months.

Hope you are having a great week!

xx – Kristy

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