Windmills in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Town, Mykonos, Greece… what an amazing place! As I mentioned in my previous post about Oia, Santorini, Greece was a vacation destination I had dreamed about for years. This was the 3rd stop on our Greek honeymoon and it definitely didn’t disappoint! Below you’ll see the locations we visited and many photos of our stay on the island.

Our trip to Mykonos started when we took a ferry from Oia, Santorini directly to Mykonos Town. Since Oia was amazingly beautiful, we were a little worried that nothing could compare and that we’d be disappointed with Mykonos. But, boy were we wrong!

After arriving in Mykonos Town we made our way to our hotel Harmony Boutique Hotel. We chose this location based on the recommendation of a fellow blogger. This hotel is great if you are looking for a very convenient location at an affordable price. The hotel is located just a few steps from the boardwalk area leading into the city center. This area is reminiscent of photos I’ve seen of Venice, Italy. Simply beautiful!Mykonos-Greece-6089street-mykonos-greece_6386

When walking around the city you’ll notice that there are many endless, white, winding streets (aka don’t wear heels!) filled with shops and restaurants. It’s very easy to get lost. Rumor has it that the streets were originally set up this way to confuse pirates who tried to invade the island.

After roaming the streets for a while we stopped to enjoy our first dinner at Katerinas. From there we made our way down to the main boardwalk area which is lined with restaurants and bars. This is a perfect area to grab a seat on a patio, have a drink, relax and do some people watching. Having dinner and watching the sunset from one of these restaurants is a must do! This area also, has the best view of the 3 windmills the city is so well known for.boardwalk-mykonos-greece_6391

We snapped some amazing photos of the boardwalk and sunset set that night. Some of which are my most favorite photos from the trip!Mykonos Town, Greece

We ate at Remezzos, a beautiful restaurant with an amazing view. If you get the right seat you can also see the sunset while having dinner. After dinner, we walked the winding streets of the city and made our way up to a windmill on the hill. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a great little wine bar called Vinos Wine Bar. This is a really fun place where you can enjoy a drink on the small patio or on cute bench seating on the street just outside.Mykonos-Greece-6197windmill view Mykonos, Greece

The following day we were ready to get out and explore the island. We rented a car and drove back up to the windmill we had explored in the dark the night before. From there, we started on our way to the various beaches on the island.psarou-beach-mykonos-greece_6212

Our first stop was Psarou. This beach is known for it’s high end atmosphere, shops, restaurants, etc. If you hang out there long enough you are sure to spot a celebrity. We walked the beach and decided to toss down our towels for a little relaxation before heading to our next stop.

We made our way to Paradise beach next. We had heard and read about this location, it’s upbeat atmosphere and wild parting. As you approach the beach area you immediately feel the energy. We grabbed some lunch before moving on to our next location. As we were leaving we could feel the beat from the DJ intensifying. We knew we had to start on our way to our next stop or we might end up there all day!panormos-beach-mykonos-greece_7557

Finally, our last beach stop for the day was Panormos. Panoramas beach is far less crowded than the prior 2 beaches. It’s also decorated beautifully. There are giant sun beds lined up facing the water (as seen above).  We grabbed a bit of wine and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Doing a beach tour like we did is a great way to see the island and to experience what the beaches have to offer.Belvedere-hotel-mykonos-greece_6316

After relaxing for a while we packed up and headed back to the hotel as we had a great sushi dinner planned. This was one we were really looking forward to! After getting ready for the evening we made our way, by cab, to the Belvedere hotel for dinner. The view of the city from this hotel is simply unreal. Because of this hotel’s location high up on the hill it provides amazing views of the city, windmills and Agean Sea.

The next day was one of our more adventurous days. We preplanned a kayaking trip. This trip departed from Panoramas beach and sent us kayaking the Aegean sea with a few stops along the way. At our stops we were given some fun information about the island. We also snacked on some homemade olives, tatsyiki, sesame honey dessert that were second to none. I’d really recommend doing this if you are looking to break up the trip a bit. It’s a great way to incorporate some adventure into the trip.jimmy-gyros-mykonos-greece_7627

After the day of kayaking we departed back to the hotel. We walked to watch the sunset and explored the windmills overlooking the bay. From there we made a stop at the famous Jimmy’s restaurant for a gyro. This is a must do if you are a gyro fan! They are simply delicious! From there, we continued to roam the beautiful streets of the city taking it all in.white-rock-walls-mykonos-greece_6376

We stopped at a little clothing shop, Ionna’s, and I bought a couple wrap around sweaters (seen above). To this day they are 2 of my most favorite items. I’ll have them for a lifetime!musician-mykonos-greece_7663

The following morning we got up and walked to a great cafe near the boardwalk entrance. From there, we again roamed the streets of Mykonos Town taking some of our final pictures. We wanted to make sure we captured it all. As we walked one of the winding city streets we came across an older, weathered man playing music. It was like a scene out of a movie. The man played as many stopped to watch him. We also noticed that there was a crew from a magazine there photographing him. psarou-beach-mykonos-greece_6220

For our final full day we decided to rent a car again and headed back to Psarou beach. This time we rented chairs for the day so we could make the most of the experience. We soaked up the sun, ordered wine, meat, cheese and olive plates. It was such an amazing time! This day was one of our favorite parts of the trip.

Once it reached late afternoon the beats from the DJ were turned up and there was more of a party vibe in the air. We decided to leave our beach chairs and see what it was all about. We joined others dancing at the restaurant overlooking the beach. There was no doubt that many there were in it for a full night of fun. We decided it was best to head back to the hotel and stay in that area for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, all good trips have to come to an end. We had reached our final day. After waking up, with a bit of sadness on our minds, we grabbed a quick breakfast in the hotel before heading down to the city streets one last time. We grabbed a few crepes for lunch before heading to the ferry to depart for Athens.

Many look to Mykonos Town for it’s night life but we found that this island has so much more to offer. Truly a location that doesn’t disappoint!

xx – Kristy

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