Hello! I’m so happy you stopped by Naturally Classique – my blog, my labor of love, my creative outlet and daily challenge.

How it all started… Well first of all full disclosure, I work in digital marketing. Over the years I had heard of bloggers and digital influencers. I never considered being an influencer myself until one day when I came across this intriguing world of fashion and lifestyle blogging. As I spent endless hours sifting through Instagram images and blogs from many of the top bloggers, it became clear to me that this was something I simply had to be part of!

I’m certainly no style, fashion, healthy, nutrition or fitness expert. I have no creative education except for a few standard creative classes years ago in college. But, I do love sharing my personal style and love for a natural, healthy living with others. I love the opportunity to connect people with brands that represent my style and desire to have a healthier, more natural life.

With a wonderfully supportive husband (who is the man behind the camera in most all of my pics) by my side I can say I’m beyond excited about the bright future of Naturally Classique. I appreciate you spending part of your day with me. Come back and visit often. I’d love to have you join me in this journey!

xx – Kristy